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About Leni...

Leni is a photographic artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her S/Motherhood project work looked into our collective and individual identities in order to understand the ‘why’ behind the who.


A passionate portraitist and social documentarian since 1994, Leni's work stands as a powerful legacy that captures the essence of the human experience. It delves into the raw and unfiltered realities of society, shedding light on the often-overlooked narratives that shape our world.

Whether the subjects are ordinary families wanting to capture their growing children, corporate events, private functions, or her own photographic art, Leni's portraits transcend the confines of a simple snapshot and emerge as a powerful form of visual storytelling. Always aiming to go beyond capturing a person's physical appearance, looks for their unique narrative and inner world. Each portrait becomes a window into a rich tapestry of emotions, experiences, and identities.

In the hands of this skilled portrait photographer, Leni's camera becomes a tool for storytelling, bridging the gap between the subject and the viewer. It invites us to explore the richness of human diversity, to celebrate our shared humanity, and to be moved by the tales that unfold in the gaze of each captured soul.



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